Real Experience.  

My name is Neil O’Toole and I have helped thousands of individuals and small businesses get financial relief through bankruptcy.  For over three decades, I  have focused my practice on helping individuals and small businesses use  the bankruptcy process to regain control of their financial future.  If you feel your life and your finances are out of control, call me.  There is hope and there is help.

Personal Involvement.

With other, larger firms you may feel you are dealing mostly with secretaries, legal assistants, and paralegals with little direct contact with the lawyer representing you.  When you retain me to represent you, I will personally handle your case from start to finish.  After all, if you are paying an attorney fee, shouldn’t you be able to meet with your lawyer at all stages of your case?

Practice Limited to Chapter 7.

Most people will file bankruptcy either under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.  My practice is limited to Chapter 7, commonly known as straight bankruptcy, which almost always quicker and less expensive than Chapter 13.  If Chapter 7 is not right for you, I will tell you and discuss your other possible options.

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Why Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Lower Cost


 For individuals filing Chapter 13, the bankruptcy court in my district has set the presumptive (standard) fee at $4500.

In contrast, the attorney fee for filing Chapter 7 is usually less than half the Chapter 13 presumptive fee, and in simple cases it can be even less

Less Time


 In a typical Chapter 7 case, you receive your discharge about four months after filing your case.  Chapter 13 cases are required by law to be at least three years (unless you pay all your creditors in full) and most cases last for five years. 



As long as you are in Chapter 13, you require the Court’s permission to borrow money, buy and sell property, and do other things relating to your finances which will require additional attorney fees. Because you get your discharge much faster in Chapter 7, you can start rebuilding your credit and your life sooner. 

About Me

I graduated from Duke University and the University of Florida College of Law.

I was admitted to the North Carolina bar in 1980 and started a general law practice. I began practicing bankruptcy law in 1983.  Before that, I did a lot of trial work, including personal injury and criminal cases.  In my last jury trial, I won an acquittal for my client in a first-degree murder case.

Since 1990, I have limited my practice solely to representing individuals and small businesses in bankruptcy.  I do not represent creditors, so you will never have to worry about your lawyer having a conflict of interest.

I like bankruptcy law because usually my clients are very nice people who have just encountered some misfortune: illness, job loss, or divorce.  Resolving my client’s financial problems often helps them put back together the rest of their life, and I get great personal and professional satisfaction from helping them do that.

I am a sole practitioner and I will handle all aspects of your case.  You will never feel as though you are represented by a big, faceless firm, always dealing with secretaries, assistants, or anyone but the lawyer.

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Office Location

My office is at the University Tower right off 15-501 Business (also known as Chapel Hill Boulevard) in Durham.  You can’t miss it - it’s the tallest building around and it’s right across the Boulevard from the SuperTarget. There’s plenty of free parking. 


You can get directions using the map provided below on this page. 

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